Nick Nichols' USPology℠ System

Nick Nichols reveals the blunt, unvarnished, often painful truth about how most businesses, professional service providers and membership organizations are wasting their time and money when it comes to marketing.

As you read, listen to and watch Nick’s comments and observations you may catch yourself mentally agreeing with what he has to say. Or you might find his insights to be controversial or that they hit a little too close to home. You may be amused. You may be upset with the truth of what he says. Hopefully, you’ll take his advice in the spirit in which it is offered, which is to help you leverage your marketing efforts so that you spend less, risk less and put more money into your bank account.

The goal of my blog is to help you stop wasting money on advertising and promotion methods that you can’t measure, and increase the effectiveness of all your marketing and promotion efforts to attract and engage more qualified prospects, convert those prospects into buyers, and increase the overall profitability of your business, professional practice or membership organization. — Nick Nichols

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